Timecard Online

Timecard Online and Employee Online allow employees of the CSUDH Foundation to enter time, track attendance and request vacation, as well as view pay history and accruals.


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Having Issues?

Please contact our helpdesk, by emailing foundationhelp@csudh.edu, or by calling us at 310-243-2099.


Common Issues

  • Unable to login: Passwords expire every 180 days, and when this happens you will not be able to login, and will be continually sent back to the login page. Reset your password (see below), or contact our team at the information above.
  • Reset password link "freezes":
    • You need to use a computer with Chrome or IE to reset your password. Mobile devices, as well as Safari on MacOS, do not work with password resets.
  • I never receive my password reset email: You probably have a verizon or yahoo email account - or you are entering an email that we do not have on file. Contact us at the information above, and we will assist.