University Theatre

The University Theatre is conveniently near Parking Lot 6 and Parking lot 2. A mini Health Services parking lot is also available for production use, but requires approval beforehand. There is a courtyard south of the theatre back entrance that is also a part of renting the theatre, and can be utilized for basecamp or setup (please note, this does not include the Sculpture Garden). The lawns directly west of the back entrance can also be utilized for basecamp but requires university approval. The West Walkway directly in front of the theatre is also a part of renting the theatre. Boundaries end approximately 15 feet on each side.

Interior theatre features lobby space, locker hallway, dressing room, stage, and theatre seating area. Each specific interior location has its own approval request and may or may not be included for production depending on theatre class and performance schedules. It is recommended to inquire about these locations ahead of time if production is interested in the space.

All images below taken and provided by CSUDH alumnus, Jose Villa.

University Theatre Main Entrance

University Theatre Back Exterior

University Theatre Interior (Stage, Dressing Room, and Lobby)